This website seeks to share some of my favourite images taken in various locations in the UK, Rwanda, Tunisia, China and the USA, as well as images taken at various Events.
Please contact me to create unique special images for you - be it pictures at a special event or At-Home-Family Portraits.

Having been a keen photographer during my student days during the mid 80's I hadn't touched an SLR camera until a brief "play" with a friend's Nikon D50 in 2006. My passion was instantly rekindled.
My passion for photography started in the 1980s as a student. Having always been fascinated with nature and urban photography studying Biology in Glasgow allowed me to fuse these two together perfectly.

Over the years I have widened my interests to people/portraiture and landscape photography. I have also been fortunate enough to have expanded my horizons beyond Glasgow too, visiting some fascinating parts of the world including China, USA and Africa.

Highlights to date have been two trips to Rwanda, where I visited Day Care Centres and Nursery Schools being set up by the internationally renowned charity CARE Rwanda. The centres provide pre-school activities and security for some of the most vulnerable children in the Kamonyi district of Rwanda. I was also fortunate enough to travel to the Virunga Mountains to go gorilla trekking. Some of my favourite images from these trips can be seen in the People, Landscape and Nature galleries. In support of the work CARE continue to do in Rwanda I will donate 25% of the purchase price of any of the People images from Rwanda to the Early Childhood Development programme in Rwanda.

My images are available to purchase as prints or as greeting cards. Please contact me if you require any further information on purchasing options.

I hope my passion for photography comes across in this web site. Thanks for joining me and please come back soon.


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